A series of drool worthy photos has been put out of the highly anticipated Moto 360 smart watch from Mister Gadget, thanks to Luca Viscardi who has been lucky enough to have his hands on the Android Wear watch for a serious quantity of time. Luca mentions that the Moto 360 will feature wireless charging capability, and reveals the Moto 360’s charging dock which resembles a Nexus 4 wireless charger where the watch is placed vertically at an inclined angle.


The back of the watch has inscriptions which mention Wireless Charging, Water Resistant IP67, Optical Heart Rate sensor, Pedometer, and stainless steel 316L.


The lack of charging pins behind the Moto 360 is a smart move by Motorolla considering the skin issues that occurred with LG G Watch. There was even a side by side comparison of the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch.


Finally, Luca reports that he was able to get roughly 2.5 days of battery life on a single charge, as opposed to the one day of LG G Watch battery life with the same usage pattern.


  1. awesome
    This a truly ‘smart’ Watch
    looking forward to its release…any idea about the price group?

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