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Netflix trying to maintain Disney content

Will Marvel shows stay on Netflix?

Netflix Trying To Maintain Disney Content

Disney recently announced that it would be pulling its content from Netflix and other streaming services, to launch them in its own upcoming streaming service in 2019. However,  Netflix's chief content officer has now told Reuters that the streaming service is in "active discussions" with the company about retaining the releases. 

As of now, Disney has only announced that Disney and Pixar branded content will be removed from the service, but it is not confirmed yet if this will also include Star Wars and Marvel shows, the latter which is popular on Netflix. Marvel shows on Netflix include Daredevil, The Punisher, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. 

The irony in Netflix's position is that the service wanted get into original programming was to reduce its reliance on licensing deals from partners. However, now it is in a situation where original programming was made by another company, and is now causing difficulties for the service.

We will know more once Disney or Netflix releases an official statement.


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