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Netflix US and Official Marvel Twitter accounts gets hacked

White Hat security group 'tests security' of Netflix and Marvel Comics Twitter accounts

Netflix Hacked 768X478

Netflix US and Marvel Comics got their Twitter accounts hacked by self-labeled white hat security group OurMine today. The hackers also hacked into several of Marvel's super hero characters such as Captain America, Tony Stark and others.

This is the same group that previously hacked into the official Twitter accounts of Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey this summer as well as Google's CEO Sundar Pichai. Similar to those hacks, OurMine's hacks of the accounts stated that there was no overt malicious intent, and they simply were trying to test the security of those pages.

CNET reportedly got in touch with a representative from OurMine via email, who said that the group directly hacked into the Marvel Twitter feed, which led to all the other official Marvel accounts getting exposed because they were linked via Tweetdeck.

The group also indicated that their Twitter hacking may not be done yet, as the team was “70%” sure there would be another takeover sometime on Thursday.


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