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Netflix working on method to skip opening credits

All those precious seconds wasted watching an intro..

Netflix Skip Credits

Netflix is reportedly working on a Skip Intro button that will skip the opening credits of some shows, thus making it easier for you to have a binging marathon.

However, not every show will be getting this treatment. Some of Netflix's series such as House of Cards and Daredevil, can now have their sizable, minute-plus long intros skipped. Other shows outside the Netflix Originals label will also get the feature, such as The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. On the other hand, shows like Bob's Burgers, 30 Rock, Futurama, and Netflix's own Bojack Horseman didnt seem to have the feature.

According to reddit users, it seems that the feature had popped up almost three weeks back, and the button appears to be available in select regions globally. However, when put on autoplay, Netflix will skip intros automatically. This feature however, applies more to shows  that  employ a cold open (that is, start with an quick scene or gag before the show's intro kicks in.) The Skip button, is present for shows that dive into the opening credits as well as those with a cold opening.

Since the feature is still in its experimental stages, we still don't know about the availability of it. However, once its out of the testing phase, Netflix would probably codify if and when the button rolls out to all.


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