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New Google Drive app will back up any file from your computer

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New Google Drive App Will Back Up Any File From Your Computer

Backing up and syncing files can seem like a tedious task, but it is always best to do it. To help ease the whole burden, Google Drive will soon roll out a new app, that will store any file or photo on your computer.

Called Backup and Sync, the new tool is designed for the average user, not pros. The app lets users back up files and photos that aren't already in Drive. Google will scan the device, and once the files are backed up, they will be accessible on any device that's also synced to the service.

The app is set to launch on June 28th, and is the latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC, which is Google's current desktop tool. This means that  any settings you have saved with Google Drive for Mac/PC as well as the integrated Google Photos desktop uploader will carry over when Backup and Sync releases. 

According to Google, G Suite customers, those who pay for Google's cloud-driven apps and services, should stick to using Drive for Mac/PC until a new solution built for enterprise, called Drive File Stream, launches in full later in the year. 

The biggest issue however, with Backup and Sync, is space. The Free Drive storage is capped at 15GB. On the other hand, Google is yet to release the storage specifics for Backup and Sync, so we will know more about that later.


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