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New iPhone 7 case brings Android OS to you

iOS or Android? How about both?

New I Phone 7 Case Brings Android Os To You

Having a case for your iPhone 7 is a great idea, but thanks to a new Kickstarter you can have an Android Nougat phone built into the case.

Called the Eye, this new case packs in a full-fledged 5-inch phone running Android Nougat, along with a seriously impressive list of features for a case. The case comes with a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display with 2,800mAh of battery to keep things running for days on end, depending on your usage patterns, while protecting your iPhone at the same time.

It also has some interesting features, like mirroring the camera preview screen so that you can take selfies with the superior rear-facing camera. Also inside of this rather sleek case is a Qi wireless charging support and a 3.5mm headphone jack, two new features for the latest iPhone. These features are also compatible with the Android part of the case. The Qi charging works for that side, too, as does its NFC support, which can likely be used for Android Pay. A few other features include dual-SIM slots and a microSD slot. 

Sure it is not the most good looking case out there, but the features do impress.  Though, it’s worth noting that the screen quality looks a bit questionable on some of the campaign’s screenshots. The bid price starts at $69 early bird price. It is priced at $189 which seems to be quite worth it.


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