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New leaks hint at wireless charging and Face ID on the iPhone 8

Just announce the phone already

New Leaks Hint At Wireless Charging And Face Id On The I Phone 8

The iPhone 8 reveal is almost here, and we will soon get our first official look at the latest flagship. However, until then we can expect leaks and tips, and here is what the latest ones talk about.

The first leak shows X-Ray shots of the phone from Chinese social network Weibo, and Apple tipster Benjamin Geskin. This leak shows two iPhone templates in production, one with a TFT-LCD screen, and one with an OLED screen, which could be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 respectively. The iPhone 8 scan also looks like it has bigger room for battery.

The templates also show room for a charging coil which could mean that wireless charging is coming to the phone. Earlier rumors also hinted at a glass back for the iPhone 7S Plus, which could enable wireless charging more easily than the usual metal finish.

Another feature talked about is the new face recognition capability, or Face ID. After some digging into the HomePod firmware code, a reference for a resting state popped up, which suggested that you'll be able to unlock your iPhone with a glance even when it's sat down flat on a surface. 

We cant confirm the authenticity of these rumors and leaks. However, they do back up earlier rumors. We will know more once the phone is officially announced next month.


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