Anyone looking forward to new Nexus devices at Google I/O this year went home disappointed, however a few leaks still indicate that the successors of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are on the way.

According to GSM Insider, a shipping manifest headed for India was spotted. It was labeled “NEXUS8 PROTOTYOE TABLET SIMILAR TO NEXUS (7)” in the shipping database list. The value was listed as INR 16,484 each (that’s approximately 1013 AED each). Unfortunately, there were no specifications mentioned.


Several leaks last month indicate that the Nexus 9 is also a possibility and that HTC will be the one to manufacture the tablet which is supposedly dubbed as ‘Volantis’. The tablet is expected to have a 8.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1440 pixels. It will be powered by the upcoming NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip with 2GB RAM, although some leaks indicate different RAM specifications.

nexus 9 htc volantis leak

The unique feature that was leaked about the Nexus 9 is that the screen ration will be 4:3 instead of the usual 16:9 ratio found on most Android tablets. This could put the Nexus 9 a direct competitor to the iPad Mini which also has a similar aspect ration that is considered much better for reading documents, e-books, surfing the web, etc. Pricing is expected to be $399 (approximately 1400 AED) for the 16GB version, $499 (approximately 1800 AED) for the 32GB version and $600 (approximately 2200 AED) for the LTE version.


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