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New patents hint at possible iPhone 8 features

Edge to edge display and on-screen Touch ID spotted

New Patents Hint At Possible I Phone 8 Features

Apple's R&D team have been hard at work, evident by the large number of patents leaked today, out of which two of them might arrive on the iPhone 8.

A total of 56 different patents were granted to Apple today, all with a variety of filing dates. Some of these patents such as an edge-to-edge display and a method for implementing biometric features like Touch ID on a touchscreen surface seem like they might show up on the iPhone 8 this year. These two patents stand out especially due to the growing rumors that at least one iteration of Apple's next iPhone is expected to ditch the bezels and include the TouchID fingerprint scanner into the display.

However, with most patents, Apple having the technology does not mean that it is confirmed for the iPhone 8. Also, this is not the first patent from Apple that we have seen where the bezels are removed.

Another hint at Touch ID fingerprint scanner under the screen is the fact that Apple already managed to do it with the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar, which is why analysts hint at something similar coming to the next iPhone.

We will know more about this at WWDC 2017 next month, where Apple usually reveals all the details of its upcoming projects.


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