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New Sony Patent to bring wireless share phone charge

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New Sony Patent To Bring Wireless Share Phone Charge

A phone's battery life is of utmost importance these days, and with everyone moving around for everything, having to set your phone down for a while to charge seems quite old.

Sony on the other hand, is now working on a way to charge your phone, wirelessly, by draining other devices around us. According to a new patent filed by the company, Sony is working on a  leapfrogging technique for wireless transfer of power and data between devices, including smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, computers or any other IoT gadget.

The concept behind this charging system is an antenna system, like near-field communication (NFC) chips, which would be able to search for and connect to devices with similar tech located within a certain distance, similar to searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot. The patent doesn’t specifically associate this technology with smartphones, but says it can be applied to a variety of gadgets, while Sony mentions that power can only be borrowed from compatible devices with the same tech.

Although the idea is pretty cool, you must remember that it is still just a patent, so we dont know for sure if and when it will come out. However, it does show that Sony is preparing for the future.


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