The Nokia Lumia 920 pushed boundaries of a smartphone design with its beautiful and solid construction along with features such as the PureView camera and wireless charging. However, as I had mentioned in my review, it is also a chunky and heavy device which seems counter-intuitive in a market where every mm and g counts. So when designing the Lumia 720, Nokia brought the knife out and cut the thickness by 1.7mm and reduced the weight from 185g to 128g. The result is a phone that feels just about right in your hands.


Packaged in the traditional Lumia packaging, I received the Lumia 720 in red which might not have been my first choice was I to buy one. But within a week the color grew on me- especially with the red themed UI. By the time I had to return the unit, I was officially in love with it. For safer choices, the Lumia 720 is also available in white, yellow, cyan and black. Along with the phone, you get the usual assortment of accessories such as a headset and a charger.

Measuring 127.9 x 67.5 x 9 mm and weighing 128g, the Lumia 720, as I mentioned earlier, feels great in your hands and is easily usable as a one-handed device. The volume buttons, along with the power button and the camera button, are all positioned on the right like all Lumia devices. The USB port sits on the bottom with the 3.5mm jack and SIM card tray on the top. Finally on the left, you have the microSD slot.


The 4.2″ screen on the front sports a 480×800 resolution which gives it a pixel density of about 217. While that resolution feels on the lower side- especially with 1080p phones appearing, the ClearBlack IPS LCD screen still looks stunning because of the color reproduction. Above the screen you have a front-facing 1.4 MP camera while the back houses a Carl Zeiss lens based 6.1 MP camera with an LED flash.

Looking at the above table, you might think that a dual core 1GHz CPU with just 512MB of RAM doesn’t compete with the quad core goodness and 2GB RAM equipped in Android phones out there, but let me tell you again that that software design is equally important. Like Apple or BlackBerry, Microsoft has managed to keep Windows Phone 8 running smoother than most Android phones that are twice as fast- at least as far as specs are concerned.

The UI feels really slick and never even shows a hint of drops in frame rates. What sometimes does take a while is for apps to load/resume but that is present on higher end Windows phones and something that keeps getting better with every new version of Windows Phone and apps.

Coming to the bundled applications, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- if you want to buy a Windows Phone device, invest in a Lumia because the applications that Nokia has exclusively made for its Windows Phone devices are excellent. While some of these apps are available on other Windows based phones, there are still quite a few good ones like the local scout that will only work on a Lumia.


Although the camera on the Nokia Lumia 720 does not have the PureView technology found on the Lumia 920, it still manages to take some good shots- thanks to the Carl Zeiss based camera. While the six megapixel count in not as impressive, the quality of shots, both in daylight as well as low light is impressive. The following are shots taken from the Lumia 720.

Lastly, the 2000mAh battery on the Nokia Lumia 720 is of the same capacity as the one found on the Lumia 920 and considering the 720 has a slower CPU and a smaller screen with a lower resolution, you can well imagine how good the battery life was. I was easily getting almost two days out of every single charge which, suffice to say, is quite impressive by today’s standards where many smartphones are completely discharged before the end of the first day.

Priced at AED 1,199, the Lumia 720 has become my favorite Windows Phone. While it may not have the bells’n’whistles of the Lumia 920, it does not feel restricted by any means. It feels really good in your hands and runs super smooth along with providing you a battery life that most phones manufacturers can only dream of.


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