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Note 8 to get Samsung's best camera yet

The wait is almost over

Note 8 To Get Samsungs Best Camera Yet

The wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is almost over, but the rumors keep flowing. The latest, talks about the phone's camera.

According to Dutch site Galaxy Club, digging through the company's semiconductor website has resulted in finding the camera module in the upcoming smartphone. This module is rumored to have features like a 3x optical zoom and an improved HDR mode. 

According to the site, the camera will also be getting a Refocus mode that can automatically sense the depth in an image. Thanks to this 3D depth sensing feature, you'll be able to blur particular parts of an image and even change the perspective, adjusting objects in the frame as if you were snapping them from another angle. Low-light performance is said to be improved as well with a special Super Night Shot mode.

Samsung is yet to confirm these features, but we have heard similar rumors before. Now we just have to wait a few more days to confirm.


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