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Nvidia and Audi teaming up for autonomous car by 2020

Will this unique partnership yield in an amazing vehicle?

Nvidia And Audi Teaming Up For Autonomous Car By 2020

Today at CES 2017, Nvidia showed off the progress its been making with its autonomous driving project, and also announced that it would be working with Audi to bring the car to the road by 2020.

The company also showed off new co-pilot mode for the autonomous technology. According to Nvidia, this project has been motivated by the amount of waste in the transportation industry, both in terms of pollution, lives lost due to accidents, and parked cars wasting space.  Nvidia said that the progress made is now enabled by the new 'Deep Learning' process that understands and recognizes minor differences in the environment and is offered computing power by the 8-core Xavier ARM64 CPU.

Nvidia displayed a video of its (non-Audi) BB8 self-driving car, which was able to perform such actions as merging onto a freeway, in addition to understanding voice-activated directions at its keynote. The technology will be able to establish its confidence levels on different parts of the journey, which will allow it to be fully autonomous at some moments, but will act as more of a co-pilot in other moments. While in the co-pilot mode, the car will be alert for threats while the user is driving manually, informing the driving about dangers such as fast-moving motorcyclists, that the user might not be aware of, enhancing their knowledge of their surroundings. The AI is also said to be able to read body language and perform facial recognition on the driver, allowing it to understand where the driver is looking and give advice accordingly.

The company also mentioned that it will be working with several mapping companies, such as  TomTom and Baidu (which has mapped China’s roads), and is even set to start working with manufacturer Bosch to integrate into the new technology. Are you looking forward to this car? Let us know in the comments below.


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