Hot on the heels of Sony’s own virtual reality headset announcement, Oculus has unveiled the Rift Development Kit 2, which is now available for pre-order for $350.

The Dev Kit 2 is a vast leap from the first model, and now not only packs a higher resolution display, but also new features such as low-persistence motion tracking, latency reducing software, and support for infrared sensors.

It’s based on the Crystal Cover prototype unveiled during CES in January, but comes with small modifications to make it less boxy and more comfortable. The design is improved a bit as well, with the infrared trackers now hidden underneath a unique plastic shell instead of on the exterior of the device.

The Dev Kit 2 is fairly lightweight compared to the original model, and does away with the external control box in favor of a direct connection via USB and HDMI. The device also features a USB port, which allows developers to experiment with peripherals and add-ons.

However, the biggest advancement in terms of technology would be the near elimination of motion blur, which was the Rift’s most limiting factor as it could cause nausea and discomfort. The high-resolution also helps, making images and videos sharper and detailed.

The Oculus Rift Developement Kit 2 ships from July onwards.

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