OCZ is one of the first names you think of when talking about SSDs. They made quite a name for themselves with the Vertex and Agility series 4 years ago, back when SSDs were still a new platform. Performance has always been OCZ’s forte, and with their new generation SSD, the OCZ Vector promises to bring in a new era of speed and reliability.

The OCZ Vector takes the company back to their roots with the 3rd-generation Indilinx Barefoot controller. The new Barefoot 3 controller is so efficient, in fact, that OCZ guarantees 20GB of data transfer per day for 5 years on their Vector drives, after which the warranty also ends. All said and done, that’s incredible reliability, and 5 years warranty is pretty impressive.

Of course, OCZ expects the Vector to completely replace your existing drive, so they’ve also included a code for Acronis True Image, which in my opinion is one of the easiest and most effective hard drive cloning systems in the market. At just 7mm high, the OCZ Vector can be used in pretty much every laptop and ultrabook. If, however, you’re planning to use the Vector in your desktop, then OCZ has provided a 3.5-inch bracket with screws for simple installation.

ocz vector (1)

Oh, and for all the PC gamers, OCZ is also giving away Far Cry 3 with every purchase of the Vector SSD, but you may want to hurry up as the offer ends on 14th July, 2013. OCZ rates the 256GB version of their Vector SSD at 550MBps read and 530MBps write, while 4K read and write IOPS are 100k and 95k respectively.

Test Setup

So now let’s get down and see how the OCZ Vector 256GB actually performs.  The below setup was used for benchmarking:

ocz vector (4)


ocz vector (1)

ocz vector (2)

ocz vector (3)


The OCZ Vector does perform really well, with the highest PCMark 7 test recorded to date form a consumer level SSD.

Throughout our tests the OCZ Vector remained stable and fast, posting the same numbers even when it was over 50% full with data. The fact that OCZ guarantees 20GB of data transfer for 1,825 days should set any skeptic’s mind at peace when it comes to reliability.

ocz vector (2)

Whether you’re building a new PC for gaming or an enterprise grade server, the new OCZ Vector will definitely fit your performance requirements.


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