Pentax wants you to have some fun during your photography sessions. The company announced its new mid-ranged shooter K-S1 with LED lights. The shutter and mode dial buttons are backlit as well. The LED’s flaunt different colors for different modes of operations. For example, they glow green during still shots and red during video recording. The LED even lights up even when a timer is triggered and shows how many faces are detected.

The camera packs an impressive 20MP APS-C sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 51,200 for brighter low light photography. The UI is said to be similar to a smartphone offering easier handling, and the screen is a 3-inch 921,000 dot LCD. Additionally, the camera has a 100-percent field of view glass pentaprism viewfinder. It has a shutter speed of 1/6000 and 5.4fps continuous speed shots.


If you truly desire to catch people’s attention with all those lights, the KS-1 will be hitting stores next month for $749.95 body (approx. 2754 AED) only and $799.95 with 18-55mm kit lens (approx. 2938 AED). The camera will be available in a wide range of colors –black, blue, white, cotton beige, tweed gray, linen brown, denim blue, Sunset Orange, Dusk Gold, Moon Silver, Midnight Black and Dawn Purple.


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