One of the most annoying things about having the latest and greatest smartphones is that sooner or later they run out of juice, and you’re running for the nearest power socket. It’s very rare that today’s smartphones can last the entire day without succumbing to the constant strain of emails, tweets, photos, music, and streaming media. So a little bit of extra ‘oomph’ in your pocket is always a welcome change, and this comes to you in the form of the PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Discovery.


Ridiculous name aside, the PowerMonkey is basically a battery pack that can give you dying phone or tablet a much needed power boost. The small aluminum pack has a standard USB port at the bottom, which you can plug in your device’s cable and start charging immediately. The PowerMonkey also bundles with a USB cable with various connectors, but oddly doesn’t bundle with a power adapter – you’ll have to plug it into a PC to recharge it, or if you have a USB wall adapter, you can use that instead.


The PowerMonkey has six LEDs on the front which indicate how much battery power is remaining in the device. These blink accordingly when the PowerMonkey is being charged or is charging up a device. Apart from that there’s nothing fancy to look at – it really just looks like a small hunk of aluminum.

To test the PowerMonkey’s capabilities, I charged up my Lenovo S920 Li-Po 2250 mAh battery from 25% to full in about four and a half hours.  This left one LED on the PowerMonkey, so if my phone was in danger of running out of juice again, I could charge it up maybe a few more percentage points. The PowerMonkey outputs at only 5V 500mA, which means that certain devices may take a really long time to recharge properly.


The PowerMonkey isn’t the greatest battery pack around, and priced at nearly AED 400, it’s certainly not the cheapest. If you’ve got time to let this thing charge at its slow and steady pace, then pick one up – otherwise settle for a better battery pack or the old fashioned wall charger.

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