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PS4 Slim now with 1TB hard drive for original price

Just for US for now though

Ps4 Slim 1Tb

With E3 coming up around the corner, gaming companies are waiting to reveal their latest projects. Microsoft's got Project Scorpio and a bunch of new games, while Sony seems to have something up their sleeve.

Sony will also be revealing an upgraded version of last year’s PlayStation 4 Slim later this month, without any change in price. Sony announced today that it would begin shipping 1TB versions of the PlayStation 4 Slim for $299 – the exact price of what a 500GB system costs. Additionally,  Sony’s dropping the price of the old 500GB systems to $249.

It looks like the price change went into effect today, with 1TB models to receive stock and the price drop on Thursday, but don’t be surprised if it takes a few days for retailers to catch on and price their wares appropriately.

We dont know for sure if this means other regions like  Australia and the UK would get a similar drop, but we can expect this in the future.


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