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Razer launches Thresher Ultimate Wireless headphones

New headset designed for Xbox One, Xbox One X and PS4

Razer Launches Thresher Ultimate Wireless Headphones

This year's E3 seems to have a lot of headset announcements, and now Razer is the latest to join the club.

Razer has just announced a new Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset for the Xbox One and PS4, which will also be compatible with the new Xbox One X. The headphone also promises to come with Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Both versions of the Razer Thresher Ultimate come with 50mm drivers,  which claim to deliver the “highest highs and lowest lows.” 

Going by just appearance, the new Thresher Ultimate looks pretty similar to earlier Razer headsets, like the ManO'War and the Kraken 7.1 V2. The headphones come with large, noise-isolating leatherette ear cushions. Razer also plans to offer cooling gel-infused ear cushions for extended play sessions.

The latest feature however, allows users to plug in the wireless base directly into their consoles.  Razer claims the headset should stay connected up to 40 feet away. Battery life, meanwhile, is rated at 16 hours while recharging them fully should take four hours.

The Razer Blade Thresher for both the Xbox One and PS4 are available for pre-order now and are priced at $249 (about £200, AU$330).


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