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Razer working on hardcore gaming smartphone

Do we need a gaming phone though?

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Gaming products manufacturer Razer might be working on a brand new hardcore gaming phone.

When the company acquired Nexbit earlier this year, the deal was that Nexbit would “operate as an independent division […] focused on unique mobile design and experiences.” However, a recent report from Bloomberg suggests something different.

According to Bloomberg's sources, Razer might be working on a high end gaming phone. Bloomberg didnt get any  specific details regarding the device. However, knowing Razer it’s likely to be a high-end gadget that boasts powerful performance and graphical capabilities. 

The news comes with speculation regarding Razer Inc’s upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Hong Kong. Razer filed initial paperwork for this at the end of June, and rumors at the time suggested the company could be valued at upwards of $600 million. In the recent Bloomberg report, it’s said that Razer could be valued at between $3 and 5 billion in the IPO when it lists in October.

An investment of this calibre could go a long way when it comes to developing the smartphone or tablet. However, do you think we need a gaming mobile or tablet? Let us know in the comments below.


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