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Razer's biggest laptop gets THX certification

New refresh includes better processor and more upgrades

Razer Thx

Razer is reportedly giving its new Razer Blade Pro a complete refresh, from a processor to THX certification.

This certification ensures that the new 17 inch Razer Blade Pro is a studio-grade machine for editing movies and producing media. This will bring some expect cinema-quality sound with low-distortion and little hissing when you pump up the volume. Similarly, the 4K display now comes with a THX-certified color profile that meets all the studio requirements for peak brightness, color gamut and black levels.

Of course, if you are not into creating audio-video media, you can also enjoy games and movies with the same audio-visual quality in which they were made.

Hardware wise, the new Razer Blade Pro comes with a new 7th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, and faster memory clocked at 2,667MHz. Otherwise, the 17-inch gaming notebook still comes equipped with an Nvidia GTX 1080 and SSD storage capacity starting at 512GB.

In terms of availability, the  new Razer Blade Pro will be available on March 28 starting at $3,999 or £3,799 (about AU$5,250).


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