Reddit announced yesterday that it has been developing an Android app, and they need your help.

In a post made by “ahiggz”, the Product Manager for native mobiles at Reddit, he shares no details about the Android application itself, but does include a link where you can sign up for a private beta. The sign up form asks users questions about their frequency of usage, if they have accessed Reddit on mobile platforms among others. The post also mentions that the motive behind the questions was to have different types of users in the private beta, to be able to draw more accurate conclusions and create a better application as a whole.

However, the post also mentioned that signing up for the beta does not necessarily grant you a seat in the beta. The private beta will only be able to house a few thousand users, at least for the first round, as opposed to the 200 million monthly active users. For the beta, a private subreddit will be opened and shared with all users who get selected as beta testers for the Android app.

Reddit users did not take too well to this news however, as many fear that the company might shut down their open API, which would lead to the death of 3rd party Reddit apps for Android. Android does have some reasonably good Reddit apps, some of them with their own features as well, which we hope will be included in the official Android application.


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