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ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Graphics Card

ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Graphics Card

A little Maxwell for the budget conscious gamers


The Good

  • Quiet affordable
  • Decent performance
  • Small form-factor
  • Silent operation

The Bad

  • Could have been a little cheaper
  • Not meant for extreme graphics settings
8.0 Design
7.5 Features
8.0 Performance
9.0 Value

Almost a year has passed since NVIDIA announced its first Maxwell based high-end GTX 980 graphics card. The flagship was then followed by the GTX 970, the mid-range GTX 960, and the 4K-capable GTX 980 Ti. However, NVIDIA has recently filled the entry level segment with the new GTX 950. And now, we take a look at the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP!

While the original NVIDIA GTX 950 boasts a GPU core clock speed of about 1024 MHz, and a boost clock of 1188 MHz, the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! comes overclocked out of the box with a base GPU speed of 1203 MHz, and boost clock starting from 1405 MHz. The memory clock on this little ZOTAC is 7020 MHz, with support from 2GB GDDR5, and a 128-bit GDDR5 memory interface.

The GTX 950 AMP! works with 768 CUDA cores, along with support for DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.5 API. As for the cooling efficiency, the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! holds dual 90mm IceStorm based fans that stay silent when at low temperatures. The GTX 950 AMP! also supports 2-way SLI. Ports include 2x DVI, 1x HDMI (4K@60Hz), and 1x DisplayPort (4K@60Hz).

Inside the retail packing, you will find the GTX 950 AMP!, a driver disk, user manual, a useful 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCIe adapter, and one DVI-VGA adapter too.

Now that we have covered the basics of the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP!, it’s time to proceed with the benchmarks. Our testbed consist of the MSI branded Z77A-GD80 motherboard, joined with the Intel i7-3770K processor, 2x 4GB GSkill RipJaws, a 240GB Kingston Hyper X SSD running the latest Windows 10 64-bit, and of course the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! GPU. Tests include 3D Mark 11 FirestrikeFirestrike Extreme, and Firestrike Ultra. Our tested games include Tomb Raider 2013BioShock Infinite,Metro Last LightMiddle Earth: Shadow of MordarGTA 5Batman: Arkham Knight,Crysis 2Crysis 3Battlefield 4Titanfall, and Far Cry 4.

While the ZOTAC performed quite good at ultra-settings with 1080p for titles such Tombas Raider 2013 (82 fps), BioShock Infinite (70 fps), Metro Last Light (50 fps), Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordar (47 fps), GTA 5 (50 fps), and Batman: Arkham Knight (46 fps),we had to reduce the setting for other graphic heavy games to achieve a decent framerateCrysis 2 with Extreme settings achieved an average of 87 fps, and Crysis 3which we had to clock down to medium settings barely made an average of 54 fps. We also got 54 fps on average for Far Cry 4 at high settings, and 50 fps for Battlefield 4 at medium settings. However, the ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! could only achieve about 45 fps on average for Titanfall at medium settings.

The ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! is clearly meant for gamers on a limited budget, and not really bothered about playing games at their highest graphical settings. The price of this little Maxwell costs about $180 (about 660 AED).

Tbreak Staff

Tbreak Staff

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Get into gaming gear with the new ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 950 series. The second generation Maxwell family enables you to do more with less. More power, more stunning graphics, more power efficiency, and simply more fun. Every core will light up your game for a complete HD visual experience. The ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 950 is a true gaming GPU for every PC gamer. Transform your PC into a gaming rig to take on the latest generation games with NVIDIA® Maxwell™ architecture and take full advantage of Direct X 12.

Name ZOTAC GTX 950 AMP! Edition Graphics Card
Size 1 Slot
GPU Family NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series
GPU Model NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950
Number of Cores 768 CUDA
Core Clock 1405 MHz
Memory Speed GDDR5 7020 MHz
Ports 2 x DVI-DL, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort
Power 6-pin
Other IceStorm Cooling system, FREEZE, ZOTAC Power Boost, Carbon ExoArmor

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