Audio is an important feature for any smartphone, and I’m not just talking about when you’re making phone calls. You may not think about it, but having a great speaker on a smartphone is crucial when you’re watching a quick movie trailer or listening to some music as you get some work done around the house.  But there’s strength in numbers, so what if your phone had two speakers instead?

That’s one of the things we loved about the original HTC One – its forward-facing speakers were incredible, and no other smartphone on the market could deliver anything close to the volume and quality of audio. HTC have carried this forward on to the HTC One M8 as well, which delivers even more impressive audio. Check out the video below to see just how great the speakers on the new HTC One M8 are:

HTC One M8 Treasure Hunt Word #6


What is this? 
This is a clue for the HTC One M8 Treasure Hunt competition. Click here to find out more and participate in this competition.
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