A user on the IGN forums has claimed that unhappy interns at the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China were involved in deliberately sabotaging the PS4. If true, this would explain the reports of system failures faced by PS4 owners.

The user, qbroid, claims that Foxconn did not treat the interns well and forced them to manufacture the PlayStation 4. The internship at Foxconn was part of a work-study program for students of Xi’an Technological University. According to earlier reports, the students were arm-twisted in to participating in the two-month long program or ran the risk of losing six credits’ work of courses, and subsequently, their diplomas.


In what seems like an act of spite, the students coordinated with multiple teams at Foxconn to ill-manage the PS4 manufacturing, saying that “since Foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat PS4 console well. The ps4 console we assemble can turned on at best.”

The PS4 is facing a number of problems, such as loose HDMI port plates, HDD issues, over-heating problems, and more.

Sony or Foxconn has yet to comment on the matter.


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