Last week, Microsoft laid off nearly 18,000 employees to chart a bold new direction for the company. As with any lay offs, it was hard for employees, especially those who have been with the company for a long time. One such employee, a YouTuber called Barnacules Nerdgasm, has shared his part of the story, losing his job after servicing the technology giant for 15 years.

The video appears to be largely positive, with the employee thanking Microsoft for its extensive insurance coverage which helped with the treatment of his son who was born with PDDNOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified).

He also shared how the lay offs occurred. According to him, a meeting was called on the morning of July 17, where roughly 150 people were laid off after being told their positions were no longer required in Microsoft’s new plan.

You can watch the nearly 20mins long, heartfelt video below:


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