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Samsung brings HDR10+ to latest TVs

New standard to meet for TV audio quality

Samsung Hdr10

There are two competing standards when it comes to HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. However, Samsung is taking it up a notch with a new standard, the HDR10+.

This new format by Samsung will be seen on new Samsung TVs, and Amazon Prime Instant Video has just announced support for it.  Out of the formats, Dolby Vision is the more technologically advanced, as it comes with 12-bit color depth and dynamic tone mapping. Dynamic tone mapping is  a process by which contrast and brightness information can be changed on a scene-by-scene basis within a movie. This avoids problems such as a dark scene in a bright movie not looking quite right because the overall movie’s brightness has been optimized for lighter scenes. 

Coming back to HDR10+, this is an open standard developed by Samsung, and is currently available on all of Samsung’s 2017 televisions and will be coming to its 2016 range via a firmware update later this year. This standard  allows SDR content to be upscaled to HDR. 

On the other hand, it is still not clear if  HDR10+ can grow to become the dominant HDR format, but Samsung has already seen success with the HDR10 format, also introduced through a partnership with Amazon, and which has grown to be the dominant HDR format. 


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