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How Samsung can win some love from iPhone owners with Gear Fit

How Samsung can win some love from iPhone owners with Gear Fit

It’s no secret that Apple and Samsung fans are not too fond of each other. In fact, Microsoft capitalized on this rivalry in their ads for Windows Phone. However, I feel that Samsung is currently in a great position to win some love from iPhone fans.
Over the past weekend, I’ve been playing with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit which is a wearable for your wrist that, like many other fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone, shows you the amount of steps you’ve taken on how well you’ve been sleeping. However, it is the only fitness band with a gorgeous curved OLED screen that makes it look better than anything else I’ve used.

Besides tracking your steps and sleep, the Gear Fit can also show you notifications such as incoming calls and messages, control your media on the phone, set timers and measure your heart rate through a sensor present on the back of the device. I’d say it’s probably the best wearable accessory out there at the moment. Sadly, the Galaxy Gear Fit only officially works with some of the Samsung Galaxy phones.
Luckily, Android has a great community that likes to take on challenges and thus, the Galaxy Gear Fit can be made to work with some of the other Android phones such as the HTC One. There are a few kinks but you can generally get many of the features of the Gear Fit working. Obviously, it doesn’t work with the iPhone but I think Samsung has a great opportunity here to woo some Apple fanboys by doing exactly that.
You see, the Galaxy Gear Fit is simply a Bluetooth device that requires Samsung Software to communicate with your phone. The Gear Fit Manager as well as the Samsung S Health apps found on Galaxy devices make it work seamlessly with Samsung’s phones. If Samsung releases these applications for iOS, there is a good chance that many iPhone users might also be attracted to the Gear Fit and pick one up.
Samsung already has their ChatON app available on the Apple App Store so it’s not like they are completely anti-Apple in their approach. Just like ChatON, Samsung can release the S-Health app that only works with a Samsung account. This could also give Samsung some interesting data on iPhone users as well as the opportunity to play dirty and make a couple of lucrative features of the Gear Fit only available to Galaxy phone owners. In fact, Samsung can easily do that with the rest of the Android based phones as well.
Will Samsung actually do this is a question that only someone up in the ranks at the Korean giant can answer. The Gear Fit is a superb piece of technology and I do feel that it would be an opportunity lost for Samsung if they don’t consider opening it up to devices outside the Galaxy family.

Abbas Jaffar Ali

Abbas Jaffar Ali

Founder of tbreak.com, Abbas has been living and breathing technology before phones became smart or clouds started storing data.

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