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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 confirmed for launch next month

Confirmed by Samsung's boss

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Confirmed For Launch Next Month

We just heard that the Samsung Note 8 announcement is now confirmed for the end of August, from the head of Samsung’s mobile division, Dongjin Koh.

In a recent interview, Koh confirmed to ePrice that the phone would be out by the end of August. However, he did not confirm an exact date. Koh also added that this would be just the announcement, and sale of the phone will start in September for the  countries in the first wave followed by October.

He didnt say which countries will be part of the first wave, but chances are for it be Samsung’s home market of South Korea, UK and USA. This means that you can get the Note 8 in your hands quite soon.

In terms of what to expect, the phone is said to have a massive 6.4-inch screen, a dual-lens camera and lots of power. It also seems to be bezel free, but these are all just rumors for now.

With a release date so close, rumors are going to flood in soon. So stay tuned.


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