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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might get 3D Touch feature

We might see pressure sensitive features on the Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Get 3 D Touch Feature

Home buttons are so last year, that Samsung might get rid of the bezel based button and introduce a pressure-sensitive display for the Galaxy Note 8.

According to reports, Samsung might bring a a "force touch" display to the Note 8. This will allow it to read how hard the user presses down on the screen. If the feature is expanded to the whole screen, it could match up to Apple's 3D Touch seen first on the iPhone 6S.

The report also mentions using a similar solution from the Galaxy S8's in screen home button to power the feature. The Galaxy S8 ditched conventional buttons in favor of a wider display, and instead used a pressure-sensitive digital button at the bottom to activate the home, back and multitasking keys on the device.

The official Note 8 announcement is just a few weeks away, so we just have to wait for that to hear more about the device.


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