Samsung SDI has announced that it will stop production on Plasma TV’s towards the end of November. The reason factoring to “the decline in overall demand for plasma display panel televisions”. According to the report from Reuters, Samsung SDI plans to focus their resources on expanding their materials and energy business. This follows a trend started by Panasonic when they also closed their plasma product line last year. Allowing Samsung to dominate the market. The trend now, has been to manufacture 4K LED TV’s and the tech giant has to deal with the issue of producing a cost-effective UHD TV. LG is now the only company that actively produces plasma TV’s and they might follow the trend and throw in the towel as well.

A move towards UHD

While Samsung plasma’s TV’s have gotten stellar reviews and will noticeably be missed , a move towards 4K isn’t such a bad idea. The Samsung 65″ UA65F9000AR UHD TV that came out earlier this year shows that it’s making a progression towards what the consumer wants and it’s only a matter of time before the UHD is available to the mainstream consumer.


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