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Samsung releases new video to show durability of the upcoming S8

Samsung really wants you to believe it

S8 Durability Video

Samsung just cant seem to  get the world to forget about the Samsung Note 7 fiasco, so it has decided to put a lot of effort into convincing people that nothing similar will happen with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now they have a video to show it.

Dubbed “Quality Assurance: Extensive Tests”, a new one-minute video made by Samsung shows a Galaxy S7 Edge being put through a barrage of tests, including being dropped, bent, drenched in water and operated under extreme temperatures.

In between these torture tests, text explains that “our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again” and the video ends saying “innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority.” With the release of the Galaxy S8 just around the corner, all of this does seem like the company trying to regain the trust in the brand.

It makes sense to do so, especially since Samsung has a lot running on this phone, than any of their previous devices. It could also be a make or break moment for the brand, where the company either rebuilds its reputation, or - if the S8’s launch isn’t buttery smooth - damages it beyond repair.

Convincing the public that the phone won’t explode in their pocket, as this video clearly aims to do, is just half of that battle. The other half is actually making sure it doesn’t. Apart from these marketing gimmicks, Samsung has proven that they are actually working on making sure the S8 does not blow up. Evidence includes the recent  8-point battery safety check it announced it would be implementing, to reportedly keeping the battery size relatively small for safety reasons. 

Will you go back to getting a Samsung phone? Let us know in the comments below.


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