Over the years, Samsung has made numerous improvements to the Exynos series of SoCs (System on a chip) by increasing the number of cores and lowering power efficiency, but it has always lacked an LTE stack. However, the company recently revealed its first quad core SoC called the Exynos ModAP, with a built in LTE modem. This could mean Samsung will no longer depend on Qualcomm for 4G capable SoCs for its upcoming flagship smartphone ranges that require LTE support. It also includes an advanced signal processor, so users can enjoy recording higher resolution videos.

The Exynos ModAP will be built using the 28nm HKMG process fabrication for better efficiency and will support various network standards, including LTE so that users can experience better connectivity for features such as web browsing and voice calls. Samsung says a new companion chip is included called the Exynos RF companion. The companion chip will provide seamless connections with enhanced data transfer speeds and will support the Exynos ModAP with an optimized interface.

Several rumors claim Samsung will launch ModAP powered handsets at IFA 2014 such as the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

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