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Samsung S9 could be the fastest phone

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Samsung S9 Could Be The Fastest Phone

Every tech company is in a race to push their devices to the limits, and Samsung has just announced that it will be speeding up its phones, especially the S9.

Samsung revealed today that it is developing LTE modems for the next generation of its Exynos mobile processors, ones that support six carrier aggregation, or 6CA. This is a first in the industry. According to Samsung, it unlocks a max download speed of 1.2 gigabits per second, which is 20% more than the S8.

Other benefits of using the new modem include more stable data transfers, 4X4 Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output, and the ability to aggregate licensed and unlicensed network spectrum from network carriers. This will also get the phone ready for 5G and sets it up to be the smartest phone in the industry. However, carriers also need to support increased bandwidths, which is where the delay hits.

As of now, Samsung's current Exynos 9 series 8895 modem  supports 5CA and turned the S8 into the first gigabit-speed phone.


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