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Samsung wants to replace paintings with its new TVs

News QLED series as well as The Frame take center stage at Samsung's launch event in Paris

It’s only a matter of time before traditional paintings hung on walls are replaced by digital screens. At least that's the vision Samsung has with it's new TV called "The Frame" that was showcased at Louvre in Paris. Samsung invited media from around the globe to talk more about its new television sets such as “The Frame” as well as the new lineup of Q7, Q8 and Q9 TVs that were revealed earlier at CES.

Besides upping the technology ante, Samsung has other plans with these new TVs- to reposition what a TV is capable of. While we’ve seen new technologies introduced to TVs in the last few years, such as 3D, 4K and HDR, the placement of a TV has essentially been the same for the last 20 years. You always have your TV where all you connections are and unless you have invested tons of time and energy, you probably have wires dangling on all sides of your TV. To tackle that Samsung is introducing an "invisible cable" that connects the TV to it’s base using just one very thin cable. 

The concept isn’t completely new- Samsung already has a breakout box in it’s current generation of TVs but that still requires a separate power cable attached to your TV. The new “Invisible Connection” uses optical technology that blends into the background and carries power with it. Samsung will bundle a 5 meter cable in the box but will also sell a 15m long version to allow you to hang or place your TV completely away from all the consoles and set-top boxes giving your TV watching space a much cleaner look.

Next is Samsung’s new wall mount that Samsung calls "No Gap" and allows you to flush your TV against the wall. Samsung is keeping this standard open and allowing third parties to create designs with it. With the thin invisible cable connected to the TV, this will truly allow you to hang your TV as close to the wall as possible. Other than the wall mount, Samsung also showed a couple of beautiful stands, including one that looked like an easel as well as one that lets you freely rotate your TV

These impressive new technologies are present on all of the new Quantum Dot powered Samsung Q7, Q8 and Q9 television sets but the star of the show was The Frame- a TV that seamlessly blends into your wall like a painting and acts like one. Samsung mentioned that TV is used for about four hours everyday and for the remaining twenty, is a big black screen that does nothing else. With The Frame, Samsung is developing a platform where artists will be able to showcase their work. Imagine seeing beautiful new paintings on your wall rotated as frequently as you like. It's truly only a matter of time before digital screens like The Frame replace paintings for many of us.

Samsung has equipped The Frame with a motion sensor that detects if anyone is present in the room and automatically powers up the display or shuts it down when nobody’s around. The Frame also has a light sensor that allows it to change brightness levels on the painting to reflect what a real painting would look like under different lighting conditions.

Other advancements made by Samsung include an updated remote control with voice recognition to navigate the TV as well as faster recognition of devices connected to the TV. Last but not the least, picture quality has also been improved upon with an updated version Quantum Dot technology that Samsung now claims has a 1500-2000 nits light output and “100 percent colour volume.” Both of these specs are higher than competing TVs featuring OLED technology. 

The highest end Q9 only comes with a flat display while the Q8 is a curved display and the Q7 has both variants. The new Samsung TVs will be launched in Europe and US before they hit the Middle East towards May. We will find out more on the pricing of these sets at that time and will update this article accordingly.

Abbas Jaffar Ali

Abbas Jaffar Ali

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