Smartphone cameras are getting better by the day- and getting dangerously close to the quality your average standard point and shoot digital camera offers. This makes life for DSC manufacturers hard as they’re stuck between the smartphone and an SLR- not exactly the best space to be. So, not only do they have to innovate and offer a good feature set, but also make sure that price levels are kept affordable enough to not make a potential buyer turn away. That’s exactly where the Samsung WB250F falls.

Featuring a 14 megapixel BSI (back side illumination) CMOS sensor with an 18x optical zoom and a 3.0″ hybrid touchscreen, the Samsung WB250F certainly has decent specs attached to it. however, Samsung has gone ahead and added WiFi to the camera making it very easy to not only connect directly with your smartphone but also to send pictures as emails directly from the camera as long as you’re connected to a WiFi.


Weighing 184g, the WB250F is slightly on the heavier side but the plastic body feels rigid. Most controls are present on the right side of the device. This includes a dialer on top to switch between different camera modes along with the zoom and snapshot button as well as a dpad on the right side of the screen to quickly select settings, playback pictures or trash them. A dedicated WiFi button is also present to connect the phone to your camera through an app and so is a movie recording button. About the only thing that feels a bit strange is that you have to manually pop the flash pressing a button. It would have been nice if this was automatic.

Taking pictures from the WB250F produces good results- certainly better than what you would expect out of a Smartphone or a similar priced DSC, however, not as good as a DSLR. This becomes more obvious as ISO levels are increased and/or light reduced. The following are some sample pictures we took from the camera. Click on them for a full resolution image.

Where the WB250F shines is with it’s WiFi connectivity easily allowing you to send pictures to your phone or an email address directly from the camera. Surprisingly, the touch screen works really well for entering email addresses. You can also set the camera up to automatically backup your pictures to your computer (although only on Windows.) Lastly, you can also pair the camera to your tablet and/or phone allowing you to automatically send a picture as soon as its taken to your mobile device. This makes the process of removing and losing SD cards a thing of the past.


I also loved the fact that the WB250F is really fast to turn on and take successive shots- less than two seconds to your first shot from a cold startup. The camera also lets you take burst shots at 8 frames per second. Other cool features include the ability of creating animated GIF files, apply filters to your photos and use the Best Face mode that allows you to recognise and pick the best smile for each face present between the five shots the camera takes.

The WB250F is a pretty neat little camera that offers an impressive set of features at a decent price. The biggest challenge that Samsung or any other DSC manufacturer faces is to convince you to buy one. Even looking at Samsung’s own portfolio, the Galaxy S4 takes pictures good enough to share online on your favourite social networks, or alternatively, spend a bit more and get the Samsung NX20 which takes brilliant shots.


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