The MicroUSB port is the universal charging solution for almost all smartphones and tablets today and most Android smartphones/tablets and Windows tablets support the USB OTG (on the go) standard. And now, there is the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 drive that holds both a micro-USB and a full-size USB connector in the same flash drive.


SanDisk initially released the first dual drive last year based on the USB 2.0 with each of the connectors protected by a cover that  pushed open to use the drive. With the new model, SanDisk moves up to USB 3.0 for the new Ultra Dual USB 3.0 drive.

The opening mechanism has also been changed from the protective cover style to a shifting handlebar on one side of the drive. Push the handle on one side and the full size USB 3.0 connector comes out. If you push it towards the other side, the micro USB connector comes out from the opposite end and the full size USB goes back in. Unlike the last generation dual drive, you cannot get both the connectors on the SanDisk dual drive 3.0 to remain out at the same time. SanDisk has also implemented a steel-like grip to easily use the handle shifter.

Performance wise, the SanDisk Dual USB 3.0 transferred over 9.65GB of data to my laptop in just 1 minute and 25 seconds. The maximum transfer speed is 130MB/s while the average transfer rate was 120MB/s. Transferring smaller files will drop the transfer speed.

While copying files from a computer is fast, transfers to an Android smartphone will be slower- it took me about 2 minutes to transfer a 600MB video file. Nevertheless, the smartphone detected the drive instantly, and the contents are easily readable from any 3rd party file manager or the SanDisk Dual Drive Android app.


The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 drive is a good choice for all smartphone and tablet users that are looking to get a flash drive- especially the new ones that don’t come with a microSD slot such as the Samsung Galaxy S6. The small drive is easy to carry and lets you transfer files back and forth between you computer and your phone at good speeds.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Review
8.8 Score

+ Tiny and portable
+ 130MB/s transfer from drive
+ Easily switch between


- None



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