Sony launched the Xperia C3 today touting it as the best selfie camera on a Dual SIM phone. While I’m no fan of selfies, work dedicates terms when I’m handed a new gadget and thus armed with the Xperia C3, I headed down to Dubai Aquarium with the Sony Mobile Middle East team. There are a couple of nice little touches that Sony has added to the  rather large 5.5-inch C3 such as double tapping the back to take a selfie or double tapping the home icon to pull down the notifications drawer. We’ll look at more such features in a review at a later stage but today we thought we’d show you how the wide-angle 5MP front camera performs as well as the 8MP main camera that uses the Sony Exmor RS Sensor. But first…let me take a selfie. Sony xperia C3 Selfie Sample 1 That’s not a bad shot for a front camera of a phone that costs AED 1199 for a Dual SIM configuration. However, there was plenty of light where this shot was taken. Lets see how the camera fares where you reduce the light Sony xperia C3 Selfie Sample 3Although not as impressive as the first picture, the Xperia C3 still manages to take a decent low-light selfie using the front camera. Next thing I wanted to test was the wide angle lens. It was time to sink low- real low. Here is a group selfie. Sony xperia C3 Group Selfie SampleConsidering that shot is taken from an arm’s length, I’d say, the Xperia C3 has a pretty decent wide-angled lens. Now lets look at some pictures from the back camera.

The pictures range from really impressive to very average which tells you that you can get impressive results from the Sony Xperia C3 if you take the time to capture a shot. Finally, lets take a look at one of the coolest features present on Sony Xperia series for a year or so now- picture effects. With the Xperia C3 Sony has added stickers to your pictures so you can easily produce a photo like this DSC_20140706115857296_beauty_style_51 And saving the best for last, the Sony Xperia C3 has a makeup mode that allows you to add special effects highlighting your eyes or making you look pretty. This feature actually works well- especially for people like me who have well passed their prime. Hover over the two images below to see a before and after effect. Sold!


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