Buying things online has become a norm nowadays – people order everything from gadgets to food items to clothes through their browser. But what about something that requires a bit more time and effort, like a custom fitted suit or jacket? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get your exact measurements over to a skilled suit maker for that perfect dinner jacket, all without leaving the comfort of your laptop?

Well that’s what the guys over at Knot Standard are offering. They’re taking a very traditional wardrobe fitting and giving it a 21st-century spin. With just a webcam and some scans of yourself, the service can get your measurements in mere minutes, and once you’ve chosen your fabric and style, you just kick back and wait for your custom-tailored suit to arrive in a few weeks. It’s a superb idea and will certainly encourage fashion-conscious men to get a proper tailored suit than buying something off the rack that isn’t contoured to their shape.

Check out the video above when we caught up with Matthew Mueller and Tarig El Sheikh at ArabNet, and head over to Knot Standard to get suited up!


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