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Surface Pro firmware comes with Windows 10 S support

But why though?

Surface Pro Firmware Comes With Windows 10 S Support

The latest Surface Pro firmware seems to be supporting Windows 10 S, and no one seems to know why.

Released on August 12th,  the new firmware patches the Surface Pro with four key Intel driver updates, all of which directly cite support for Windows 10 S. However, the suspicious thing is that Microsoft has brought this support to a device that only ships with Windows 10 Pro.

The most logical conclusion we can come to is that, Microsoft is laying the groundwork for an eventual version of the Surface Pro paired with Windows 10 S. Sure, we dont have enough evidence to draw that conclusion, but there is no other reason for a device to be updated with firmware for an OS it doesn’t currently use.

Windows 10 S gives teachers greater access to their student’s devices, coupled with strong Back to School deals on Surface Pro 4, it makes sense for Microsoft to push the classroom-edition of Windows on a potentially better-selling device.

We dont know what Microsoft is playing at, but lets wait and see.


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