Of the many startups looking to get attention at ArabNet, Task Spotting seems to stand out from the crowd- at least in theory. Described by Karim Aly, co-founder and CEO, Task Spotting is a simply way to connect businesses looking to get real-time market information with smartphone users who are ready and able to provide it.

To put it in simpler terms, Task Spotting allows an iPhone or Android owner to look for missions around them using location services and get paid by companies looking for end-user data by completing such missions.

Missions are divided into tasks and Aly demoed a sample mission they had set up for ArabNet. While the demoed mission seemed more of a survey, there are a couple of interesting missions available to you in the actual live app such as Shawarma tasting and getting paid for it. Aly mentioned that they have about 300 missions online at launch.

“Imagine being able to reach out to thousands of consumers, ask them for the information you need and receive it back in real-time – all at the touch of a button. That’s a powerful proposition.” says Dirk Stevens, Head of Business Development and co-founder. With Task Spotting, companies are able to receive results in days, rather than weeks or months.

The Task Spotting app is free to download and is currently available for the iPhone while the Android version of the app is expected to be available next week.


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