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The iPhone 8 might get a mirror finish

Didn't Sony do it first?

The I Phone 8 Might Get A Mirror Finish

It has been quite a busy weekend for iPhone 8 rumors, starting from news that the wireless charging might not make it to the phone, and now speculations that we might get a mirror finish in the upcoming flagship.

The leak comes from Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, a reliable Apple leakster, who says that a source inside the company told him what was in the pipeline. According to Geskin, the iPhone 8 will come in four colors. Apart from the usual black, white and rose gold, the latest one could be a mirror finish. Geskin tweeted out the image, which is of an older iPhone just to give a hint.

Earlier rumors suggested that we might see the iPhone 8 in three more colors, red, gold and gray. However, the mirror finish would certainly make the phone stand out from the crowd. This certainly is a new rumor, and quite different from the usual Touch ID sensor rumor, which has been running for a year now.

Other rumors point at the iPhone 8 coming with a bezel free display, vertically aligned dual lens camera with AR capabilities and maybe even a curved screen. We will let you know once we know more.


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