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The MacBook Air finally gets a successor- but not from Apple

The MacBook Air finally gets a successor- but not from Apple

Microsoft's Surface Laptop is the machine many MacBook Air users wanted Apple to make.

The second version of the MacBook Air is widely considered as one of the finest laptops. Its design "inspired" Intel to launch the entire Ultrabook platform. But Apple being Apple, decided to stop paying attention to the MacBook Air and instead, launched the MacBook and the MacBook Pro with Touchbar. While they're both decent products, they're not the upgrade that MacBook Air owners were looking for, i.e. machines with great battery life, a better screen and ports that can be used without dongles. But last night, MacBook Air owners finally got the hardware they've been longing for, except it comes from Microsoft.

The new Surface Laptop introduced by Microsoft at their Windows S event is gorgeous and what I consider a spiritual successor to the MacBook Air. It doesn't run macOS and if that's an absolute essential for you then it's not the laptop for you. But if you're like me and spend a major chunk of your computing time inside a browser, with web apps or with apps that work equally well between Windows and Mac, then the Surface Laptop is exactly what you're looking for.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop has slightly smaller dimensions and weighs less than the MacBook Air and yet manages to pack a larger 13.5-inch screen with a much higher resolution and touch capabilities. This also allows the Surface Laptop to work with the Surface Pen if you ever want to directly draw on it. It has a battery life that's longer than the MacBook Air and a power connector that magnetically attaches itself. And, last but not the least, a USB 3.0 port that won't require you to adopt a #donglelife. 

That being said, I do wish that the Surface Laptop had an additional USB Type-C port because Microsoft wants it to be the laptop that you walk in with on your first day of your college and keep it till you graduate. I'm pretty sure that USB Type-C will be more prevalent in the next four years.

Microsoft has also priced the Surface Laptop competitively with the based model starting at $999, although the 4GB RAM on the base model is on the lower side. The Surface Laptop is beautifully crafted and comes with the Alcantra covered keyboard in four colours. Microsoft is also throwing in a year of Office 365 Personal subscription while Windows 10 S can be upgraded to the Pro version free of charge for a limited time.

The MacBook Air is loved by many and Apple ignoring it will only help Microsoft convert macOS users to Windows, especially with a fine release like the Surface Laptop. I'm definitely picking one up. 

Abbas Jaffar Ali

Abbas Jaffar Ali

Founder of tbreak.com, Abbas has been living and breathing technology before phones became smart or clouds started storing data.

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