Ah, the eternal quest to find a soulmate. Some say it’s written in the stars, some say it’s fate, while others leave their hearts to an overweight cherub with a penchant for stabbing.

But if you’re not as successful with approaching potential suitors as you’d like to be, then fear not – technology is here to save (or ruin) your day!

A concept video for Infinity AR shows a young man wearing a pair of glasses that feed him information such as the weather, appointments, and other harmless tidbits. Of course, said gentleman also drives a Ferrari. And has a ridiculously boring wardrobe.

He then decides that work is for amateurs and heads out to play a game of pool against his buddy, throwing down a neatly folded wad of cash just to show how totally hip he is. The game begins, and our friend of course has the competitive edge thanks to his high-tech eyewear. Things then turn super-bizarre as he approaches the bartender, and using the all-seeing eye known as Facebook, he promptly digs out her star sign as an ice-breaker. That’s totally not creepy because they seem to be hitting it off, and by the time he reaches home he’s sent her a friend request – charming.

Of course more hilariousness ensues when our friend jumps on his exercise bike to pedal through virtual streets – because cycling out in the real world is for peasants. And of course to end the video on a positive note, our friend is reunited with his female interest with more Facebook probing. I almost expected to see an “Achievement Unlocked” pop-up in the corner, but sadly it was not to be.

So fear not singletons – the future holds plenty of matchmaking opportunities for you. And if not, at least you’ll still be a great pool player.


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