Time can appear to be especially slow if you are waiting for someone  or something. Killing those minutes waiting for the bus or train can get really boring. But if you have a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, you are pretty much all set to kill time as App stores from different platforms offers a plethora of apps to beat your boredom – here are 5 of the best ones.

1) 2048 – Free for iOS and Android

2048 is one of the newest puzzle games to hit smartphones and is based on the web game by Gabriele Cirulli. The game is pretty simple, you slide similar tiles together and once combined, will add up to a new number. Every time you slide a tile. another tile adds to the same row or column, and you must reach the number 2048 in order to win (or at least get a high score) without filling up the whole block. It’s a game of strategy that somehow emulates the challenges presented by games like Flappy Bird – in a less frustrating way.

 2) 9GAG – Free for iOS and Android

You may be familiar with the website 9GAG, which hosts various memes and funny pictures. Users can upload images, animated GIFs and video on the site where visitors can vote for their favourites along with the ability to comment and share it on other social media platforms. The app basically lets you load and interact with the website’s content in a much easier way. And normally the  minutes I used to spend on the app literally turned into hours just browsing.

3) Damn You Auto Correct (DYAC) – Free for iOS and Android

You may be familiar with the built-in auto correct feature on iOS and Android. While it tries to help by changing misspelled words it can sometimes also result in epic fails with unexpected (and often humorous) substitutes. Damn You Auto Correct compiles all user submissions, so you can easily laugh your way with every funny auto correct fail.

4) Vine – Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Twitter-owned Vine had a lackluster debut when it was released about a year back. It’s basically a service that lets you record and share 6-second looping video clips. But leave it to the Internet to turn anything limited into something creative. From random funny moments to scary ones, Vine users have turned into Internet superstars- even getting paid by companies as much as $8000 to advertise their brand on the platform.

5) SoundCloud – Free on iOS and Android

SoundCloud, which is based in Berlin, is basically a social media platform that lets users upload, share and promote their original audio content. The service is mostly used by artists for uploading their own sound mixes in public for everyone to listen to. You also have the ability to download certain sound clips and use them in your own projects. What’s unique about SoundCloud is that you can comment on a specific part on an audio track, letting users know the part that you like (or don’t like). It also learns from the various mixes that you listen to, so that it may suggest other mixes that you may like.

Have your own list of apps keep you preoccupied? Hit us up at the comments.


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