Blu-ray is slowly phasing out DVDs as more and more people are getting into the HDTV bandwagon. Offering full HD goodness, Blu-rays offer a more pristine and better picture quality compared to DVDs – and trust me, once you’ve started watching Blu-rays, it just isn’t the same with DVDs. Blu-ray discs and players have become more affordable over time and you normally see them as a part of almost all home theatre setups. If you recently bought a shiny new big screen HDTV and are looking to impress your friends then check out these five Blu-ray movies that I feel offer the best picture quality to test your HDTV.

1) Avatar

Avatar Special Collector's Edition
Avatar Special Collector’s Edition

The most successful movie of all time is also one of the best Blu-rays I have tested. Each frame from the movie bleeds with superior image quality and since most of the movie was shot digitally, not a single amount of grain is present. Add to that a rocking soundtrack personally supervised by director James Cameron and you have the ultimate demo disc. Look out for the Special Collector’s Edition that contains three cuts of the movie.


  1. A Batman movie might be visually impressive but I’d never include a movie that almost requires you be a fan of an existing series. It’s like, ‘Here, watch this, but I hope you’ve already seen a bunch of other junk so you fully understand what you’re watching’.

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