After all that is said and done and all of Google I/O is done this year. This year didn’t have much of the wow factor as we saw with Google Glass last year but they did take stock in the fact that they came out with a few things and focused on form factor, such as it is. This year’s conference saw a great many things Google have their sights set on. Most of which was already known to an extent but they’ve had a few tricks up their sleeve.  Here’s the top five highlights from I/O 2014.

Android One

Android One

It comes as no surprise that Android is looking to expand its dominance across developing nations. Partnering up with Indian smartphone makers like Karbonn and Spice, Google aims to use Android One as the platform to set the minimum requirements a phone must meet in terms of hardware so as to give the Android experience at a significantly lower cost. This allows the speed of manufacturing to go up. Google aims to use this standard to give users a better hold on their OS and give them regular scheduled updates automatically. It’s one of the many ways Google is trying to attract the market and target Android to a major populous such as India.

To explain this, Sundar Pichai highlighted a Micromax Android One device.The phone had a dual-SIM, SD card slot and FM with a 4.5 inch display retailing at just $100. The importance of this though came through the ecosystem which Pichai said will get the same preference in terms of updates on par with their Nexus and Google Play edition devices. It does appear however that Android may be standardizing itself as a platform in terms of devices. Android One for the developing markets and maybe their much rumored Android Silver for high end premium devices.


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