The amount of apps available on the Android platform is mind-boggling and a phone like the HTC One gives you a fantastic platform to consume them. While HTC has done an excellent job with some of the default apps like the dialer with T3 support and contacts that connect to all your social networks, at the end of the day, this is a Smartphone that is supposed to work the way you want it to. With that in mind, I present the five apps that I find very useful into making your HTC One experience even better and more fun.

I have intentionally left out the usual assortment of apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Google Maps etc. as they are either already bundled on the HTC One or apps that you would download anyway. These five apps might not be as popular but add a lot more to your usage of the phone.

1) SMS Backup +

With your Gmail account, you have your emails, contacts and calendar synced with the cloud. Why not extend that functionality to your text messages and call log? SMS Backup+ creates folders for SMS and Call Logs in your Gmail and synchronises any text message or call you receive on your HTC One so you have access to them from the web.

2) Pocket Casts

If you like to listen/watch podcasts on your phone, then Pocket Cats is definitely one of the best apps on Android. Not only does it have a slick user interface but it also has all the tools you’d expect such as syncing between devices, Smart Playlists and playback speeds.

3) WhatsApp Contact Photo Sync 

Almost everybody uses WhatsApp for texting friends or sharing pictures and almost everyone has their profile picture set on WhatsApp. This neat little utility allows you to sync these WhatsApp pictures to your contact photos so when anyone from your WhatsApp contacts calls, you get to see their picture instead of a generic photo.

4) Zomato

I love eating out and for the region, I don’t think there is a better app that Zomato to find out about new places. In fact, just the other day I was in Satwa and pulled up Zomato to choose a restaurant for lunch. While quite a few places popped up, I narrowed it down to three based on consumer ratings. Then suddenly, I found someone I knew recommending one of these three restaurants where I ended up eating. That place was Noodle Bowl restaurant and I recommend you try it as well.

5) Beam

The last app on my list is Beam which allows you to pay at participating outlets using your phone. You basically connect your phone to your debit/credit card and then just pull out your phone to make a payment. Yes, the cool factor certainly is there but above and beyond just paying for stuff, Beam has a lot of free credits and coupons for places such as Tim Hortons, Aldo, Borders and Circle K.

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