Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference kicks off tomorrow at 9PM UAE time and it will be live streamed for anyone who wants to watch it. So what exactly will Tim Cook and company be revealing? Here are five things that we think will be announced tomorrow. Along with these, we might even get a couple of surprises thrown in- afterall, Eddy Cue did mention that Apple has the best product pipeline in 25 years.

1) iOS 8

For the past few years, Apple has been previewing the latest version of iOS at WWDC and this year will be no different. Expect to see an an announcement and a demo of Apple’s latest mobile operating system tomorrow night. Rumour has it that TextEdit and Preview from OS X are going to be added in the next version of iOS

Screenshots of a Healthbook app were leaked a few months back so expect to see that as a part of iOS 8 as well. Healthbook app is supposed to be a hub for your health and fitness information- setting the ground for the upcoming iWatch later this year. We might also see a good update to Maps which has been getting better with time but needs to be relaunched. Finally, iOS 8 is also expected to bring split screen multi-tasking on the iPad which is something already present on Samsung devices as well as Microsoft Windows based tablets.

2) OS X 10.10

Along with their mobile OS, Apple is also expected to announce the latest version of their desktop OS tomorrow night and this one is supposedly getting the visual flair that iOS got last year. Not much is known about OS X 10.10 at the moment and we haven’t seen any leaked screenshots either but do expect a closer integration with iOS as we’ve seen over the last few versions.

3) Home Automation

Rumour has it that Apple is looking to set a standard in home automation with iOS integration so your iPhone or iPad becomes a primary tool for controlling things like lights or air conditioning in your home. Using location services, your iOS device might be able to send a signal to turn on your music system when you’re reaching home and unlock doors when you’re near the entrance.

4) Beats and iTunes integration

Apple recently acquired Beats Electronics and Beats Music which Tim Cook described as the the first subscription service to really get it right. Although Apple currently has a free music streaming service called iTunes Radio, we think that it is only a matter of time before Apple switches over to Beats Music. It should be interesting to see what else Apple has in store and do expect to see Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre on stage now that they’ll be full-time Apple employees.

5) Update Mac Mini

While all other versions of the Mac have received updates, the Mini has been ignored for a long time now and chances are that Apple might be upgrading the little box that could. Expect to see it brought up to speed with the processors and graphics cards found in the latest iMacs and MacBooks. Apple might also make SSD the default storage for the Mini.


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