As more and more leaks about the next generation iPhone become available, news about the next generation iPads are also being seen online. While the main design may not seem to change, word has it Touch ID may come to the new iPads, a feature that was noticeably absent on the current generation when it was released last year. Touch ID is Apple’s own version of the fingerprint scanner used to unlock and authorise purchases on an iOS device, currently present on the iPhone 5S.

In a post by Apple Insider, there was evidence of a code inside iOS 7.1 that points to the next-gen iPads supporting Touch ID. In the code, it showed clear evidence that device identifiers used by the operating system points to ’1′ and a ’2′. In laymen’s terms, the ’1′ points to the iPhone family and the ’2′ points to the iPad family.

Apple won’t comment at this point, knowing how secretive they can be with future devices. If this proves to be true, it would be a welcome addition to an already great tablet.


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